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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kenya Decides

Kenyans have today, 4th August 2010, risen to the occasion and shown the whole world that political maturity and level headed-ness can be real virtues and central fabric that hold a Nation together even when push comes to shove! The whole world waited and was almost certain that Kenya would boil over again at this crucial Decision making process but wapi? Kenyans trooped to polling centers countrywide a voted a resounding YES to pass a New Constitution. I hear Kibera residents, who in the 2007 regrettable election skirmishes uprooted the Kenya Uganda Railway in protest at the flawed election are today organizing themselves to wash that very Railway! lol (Twitter joke!). 

The winners weren't really the YES and NO proponents led by powerful forces that included sitting President Mwai Kibaki and his erstwhile Prime Minister Raila Odinga and the entire Kenyan Government machinery in the YES corner and former President Daniel arap Moi, equally powerful and vocal Minister William Ruto and the Church backing in the NO Corner! The real winner were the Kenyans who lost their lives over four decades and whose blood has redeemed our New Nation! The winners were the living Kenyans who peacefully trooped to the various polling stations in all the 210 constituencies straddles across Kenya and exercised their God given democratic right at the ballot box. The winners were the peace loving Kenyans who knelt and prayed for their Nation and held their shoulder high and refused to be coerced into violence!

I woke up this morning feeling more proud of my country Kenya and that feeling will never ever go away! We truly showed the World, as it waited for an apparent repeat of blood shed, that truly Kenya is ready to step into that place in history and deliver a constitution that even America and Britain and and first world state will be truly envious of! I was equally impressed by the new Interim Independent Electoral Commission (IIEC), led by an under 40 year old Chairman who basically out did, out classed and outshone the management of the entire process! Thats what you get from trusting young people with sensitive national duty that eeds resolute handling! 2012 here we come! Excellent stuff!

We have shown that Africans can do it on their own peacefully and i can safely bet that this New Kenya is headed for some serious serious change!

To all Kenyans who voted Yes, your conscience will forever be your continual reminding symbol that your vote DECIDED for a NEW KENYA!

Viva Kenya, Viva Africa, Viva Democracy!


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